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  • Nico Santini

    Nico Santini

    Institutional investment advisor, Private equity investor and Crypto/Blockchain enthusiast

  • Alexandre Guillot

    Alexandre Guillot

    πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» VC at Spring Invest

  • Denny Galindo

    Denny Galindo

    I am interested in decentralization, cryptocurrencies, cryptonomics, investing, fintech, politics, Texas football, history. I work in wealth management at MS.

  • Alexander Turbanov

    Alexander Turbanov

  • Ivan Bogatyy

    Ivan Bogatyy

    Ethereum researcher and builder @mining-dao

  • Fabien RAYNAUD

    Fabien RAYNAUD

    www.FabienRaynaud.com β€” Project Manager β˜… Startup Advisor β˜… Crowdfunding Ambassador β˜… Business Angel β˜… Management, Innovation, Personal Development, Investment

  • Bradford Lee

    Bradford Lee

  • Leonid Korobov

    Leonid Korobov

    active investor * https://www.linktr.ee/leonid.korobov

  • JSW


  • reload_in_2


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