Venture capital triage process, part 1: There are more similarities between a military hospital and a venture fund than you might think

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Why VCs need a triage process

An average venture fund receives 3,000–5,000 startup pitches every year. On a single busy day, such as after a large event or a media appearance, the corporate inbox can be flooded with many hundreds of requests: Startups contact you directly, co-investors invite you to join their rounds, accelerators throw whole batches of pitches on the battlefield, and that cute person you thought was into you turns out to have a startup they want to pitch as well.

The typical VC triage process

The default triage process for a venture fund looks like this:

A more thoughtful VC triage process

Some funds are more responsive to incoming requests, especially when they are in active investment mode or on the hunt for deals of a specific type. In this case, the triage process looks more like this:



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